CARLA DAL FORNO - Top of the Pops TAPE

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Full release, this time with download code, for what was originally a v ltd tour-exclusive from our very own Carla-of-the-oven, pieced together for her 2018 US tour (aka her “HOLIDAY”). Consisting entirely of covers (The Kiwi Animal, Liliput ++), it’s a self-evidently playful entry in the dal Forno discography but hardly ephemeral either, showcasing, as it is does, her panache as an arranger, her versatility as a vocalist, and of course her impeccable TASTE. As interpretations, they range from the disarmingly faithful to the quietly radical; but all are purifications, rather than elaborations, of their source material. With the deftest of touches, and minimum fuss, she makes them her own. Classic CDF songs-in-space - whether essaying crisp, bass-driven pop propulsion (‘Lay You Down’), more painterly/pastoral folk-hypnosis (‘Blue Morning’), or the kind of ultra-sparse, turn-the-heater-on post-punk blooz (Manchester, so much to answer for>>>) that characterised her first LP. No showboating, then, but small, meaningful acts of devotion, dare we say not just celebrations of the songs themselves but of SONG ITSELF: exulting and invigorating the originals and compelling you to seek them out.