Blackest Rainbow

CAM DEAS & JACK ALLETT - outgrowing the wretched cradle LP

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Sheffield (hurrah for the North!) institution Blackest Rainbow gives us its latest missive, a collaboration between noisenik Jack Allett and guitar twiddler Cam Deas. Basically the premise is that Cam Deas twiddles around on the guitar while Jack messes the whole thing up with tape manipulations. It's not an easy listen as you might imagine. The guitar pieces are overtaken by digital scree which is quite unpalatable to ears like mine but I'm sure the point is to steer away from the pleasant if uninvolving Fahey impressions that are two a penny at the moment and give the listener something to think about. Still, with the type of technology at your disposal these days there can be a lot more to offer than the over compressed, distorted scree on show. At times it reaches quite powerful apexes which seem to travel indefinitely along a road marked 'destroy Clint's ears for good this time' such is the predilection for treble. The entire second side of this is devoted to this treated guitar becoming more and more indistinct and distorted until you are left with a one toned techno-ish noise accompanied by hi end swoops of radio crackle.