CABARET DU CIEL - raintears 10"

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Quindi Records returns once more to the swooning romanticism of Cabaret du Ciel, the long-running project from Andrea Desidera and Gian Luigi Morosin. After the contemporary material which made up long-player The Breath Of Infinity, Raintears heads back into the group’s archives and focuses on a limited cassette release from 1991.

Originally released on Morosin’s own Ionisation Tapes, Raintears is described as heralding a new phase for Cabaret du Ciel following their earlier Solarisation and Weather Colours cassettes. This revised, expanded version of the release opens with ‘Raintears (Piano Version)’, which originally came out on an Ionisation compilation entitled Imago Sonora 1. Truly evoking the spirit of the track and its meaning, it was recorded on a rainy Sunday afternoon when Desidera’s friend and trained pianist Francesco Martignon heard the original melody for ‘Raintears’ and proceeded to improvise on the theme, with Desidera and Morosin embellishinbg Martignon’s exquisite playing with subtle touches of synth and sampling. In its fragile, tape-worn repose, the piece is loaded with the delicate ambience a rainy Sunday afternoon implies – calm, melancholic and wistful.