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Business As Usual from Wetzlar in Hesse/ Germany present Hardcore inspired by bands like Modern Life is War, Ensign or Champion. In the past years Business as Usual showed on many stages that expressive liveshows and a positive message form their understanding of hardcore.Although the band exists since 2003, it has taken a while until the first MCD “From Nowhere” was released in 2007 with the help of Demons Run Amok. The upcoming 7” marks a point between “From Nowhere” and plans of the first full-length record in the upcoming months. The two songs on the 7” underline the claim of BAU to add authentic and vital hardcore the hardcore- and punkscene.Based on three chords and two-minutessongs the core of BAUs origins are to befound in old-school-hardcore. The music’s melodic touch reflects the bands need of varied interpretations of what hardcore is and what it can be. Lyrically, the bands message contains a call to independent thinking.

Second Try from Giessen in Hessen / Germany are a new young and fresh Hardcoreband.