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An absolutely stunning 10" from one of the avant-garde's busiest sons C. Spencer Yeh. Collecting tracks from a whole host of his past releases (cdrs, tapes, limited beer mats. you know the score) from 1996 to 2005, this is the first part of a series of six ultra limited slabs of vinyl and as if I didn't have to tell you, it's utterly mind-melting. Side A kicks off with the stunning 'I Wanna Make a Supersonic Woman of You' in devastating, drone-freak-out fashion, pulling out pieces of our mind and splattering them over the wall liberally, and comes grinding to a halt with the gritty electronic assault of 'Homing Pigeon'. The best is yet to come however, flip the record around for 'The Point of Departure is Not to Return'; an extended eleven minute Kraut-prog-psych synth jam destined to rip your soul out and give it fresh wiring and a chemically enhanced plug-in. This is heady stuff, somewhere along the lines of Rubicon-era Tangerine Dream and Popul Vuh at their best, but at the same time BxC is always BxC. it's just how it was meant to be, baby. This is not going to last long and you know it - these things disappear like tears in the rain, and boxed up with special inserted artwork from Hair Police man Robert Beatty there should be no reason why you haven't clicked buy already. Insanely good stuff.