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If the name Burnchurch conjured up images of pissed off Norwegians in corpsepaint and black leather pants, you couldn't be further off the mark. For their first official release, Irish punks Burnchurch seem keen to express their righteous fury. Comprised of various members who've played in former hardcore bands throughout Dublin for the past few years, Burnchurch are a tight little unit who know how to play to their strengths. Their debut albumBurnchurch features ten tracks of the most bitter, twisted crust punk you'll probably hear all year.

Burnchurch aren't trying to re-write the crust punk handbook, but they aren't exactly its biggest adherent either. They don't sound like the type of guys who're keen to "stick to their roots" and seem like they want to make a definite attempt to broaden their sound. For a free album, this is well worth your time and one of the more interesting albums you should hear all year. Check it out if you have a fetish for highly melodic crust punk with a slightly metallic edge. You won't regret it.