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BRANDTSON - Trying To Figure Each Other Out LP

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Brandtson is like a bullet...when they're dead on, their combination of chiming guitars and dual vocals are show stoppers with your heart and soul. Trying To Figure Each Other Out is a triumph of a short player, filled with songs that have immediate appeal but enough complexity for the long haul. The introspective, revealing lyrics leave you with plenty to ponder as crushing guitars lay down fierce, power ballad riffs. Brandtson has taken what they know best, finessed it, tightened it up and locked it down with astounding results. The harmonized vocal rounds are absolutely infectious, bringing you up and down in a swirl of emotion. This remarkable set of six songs is simply sterling and the pristine Ed Rose production quality is second to none. The band far surpassed anyone's expectations with Trying...and then some. Brandtson can do no wrong.

"There's something about Ohio's Brandtson that sets them apart from the chasing pack. The broody quartet have that magical spark that turns a good song into a deeply moving experience. The rich guitar weaving of Myk Porter and Matt Traxler together with the gorgeous vocal harmonies and Porter and drummer Jared Jolley grow into full-on distorted riffage on the likes of 'Bricks and Windows' and the diary-honest lyrics lend an instant appeal to the entire affair. Yet another band destined for greatness." - Kerrang