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BRANDTSON - Death & Taxes LP

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Green Swirl Vinyl.

Brandtson adds fuel to the fire by delivering Death & Taxes, the crowning achievement in an already impressive repertoire. Death & Taxes rocks hard upon impact, immediately invoking your mental repeat button courtesy of the band's trademark sing-along songwriting craft. Brandtson continues to raise the bar with their signature style, pushing pop influences to the forefront without compromising their tight post-hardcore sound. Whether its the striking vocal harmonies, infectious melodies, rhythmic precision or moments of searing rock that gives this record its edge, you'll agree that Brandtson has truly hit their stride. Expert lyrics explore the inevitabilities of life as well as the personal struggle to deal with its uncertainties. Brandtson never disappoints in the studio or on the stage, and the dynamic production only adds to the power of this short player. These six songs are an impressive reminder that Brandtson remains one of the most memorable and relevant bands in the scene today.

"Edgy emo pop is where Brandtson have found themselves with this Death & Taxes. Catchier than previous offerings, this could earn the Cleveland boys' fanbase a healthy dose of followers. The chunky, energetic notions purveyed in You Do The Science and On Three bind well with the heartfelt crooning of In The Pills. Upbeat and fresh, Ain't No Trip To Cleveland is a generous helping of charming guitar pop and only enforces the reasoning that you can't go wrong with this record." - Rock Sound UK