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BOY HARSHER - yr body is nothing LP

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Re Issue on the bands own label NUDE CLUB

Following a stunning cassette EP for Night-People and an equally killer 12" single for Oraculo, DKA is very excited to issue Yr Body Is Nothing, the debut LP from BOY HARSHER. Even if DKA had never heard the aforementioned recordings, we'd have been easily convinced by the strength of their live performance alone, as the duo has passed through Atlanta several times in the past few years and never disappoints. With a heavy emphasis on rhythm and atmosphere, the ten songs presented here showcase a songwriting and production style that is sophisticated and unique, dark but powerfully uplifting. The sound is paradoxically massive yet minimal, providing the perfect space for JAE MATTHEW's rich, deep, and emotive vocals to occupy as she, along with co-pilot GUS MULLER, pulls the listener ever deeper with each passing song.  

"A drug-induced dance coma, fit for the hospital"—Impose