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BOSSE - visions of the end CD

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For “Visions of the End”, Bosse presents an apocalyptic-themed effort that may remind some of the Cormac McCarthy-influenced, hopelessly dark post-rock wanderings of A Death Cinematic’s “The New World”, but still remains humbley entrenched in it’s simplistic dark folk roots by choosing to remain largely cleanly played, avoiding the use of percussion or other instrumentation.  While the music is trudgingly slow and minimal, effects are used to give depth to the melancholic textures found within, especially on track four’s oppressively built guitar chorus.  Mostly, however, these extra qualities are fit firmly in place in the music through the manifestation of gentle feedback swells that subtly paint the ethereal background of tracks behind skeletal melodic structures that Bosse has dynamically crafted.  These ethereal qualities give Bosse’s sound a surreal nature that illuminates the struggles of the artist though incredibly visceral aural reflections.  These cold inward visions don’t paint the sky red with fire or the once-thriving green lands blue with floods, but rather simply represent the bleak black, overtly human emotion of despair as the end stalks nearer.

It’s this inherently unique yet all-too-familiar darkness that not only gives “Visions of the End” it’s organic sound through minimalist compositions, but also what makes the music particularly accessible to any fan of excellent depressive music.  Though apocalyptically themed, “Visions of the End” can be seen metaphorically as the deeply-seeded painful thoughts that each of us have struggled through in the darkest moments of our lives.  The sun seemingly long-lost over the horizon of our mortality, with only the cold radiance of the moon to comfort us as the eleventh hour comes to a close.  The last track of the album, however, is particularly uplifting and seems to hint at the fact that even in complete destruction, in the end, there is always rebirth.  Whether this positive spin at the end of “Visions of the End” was meant or not remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to continue the cycle that the theme of the album implies.  Another fantastic effort from one of the most underrated and unknown musicians in dark minimal music.