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Bone Dance is a five piece band from Boise, Idaho who formed in 2009. Bone Dance play an incredibly dense style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, sludge, and am-rep style noise rock within their sound. This is their latest self titled ten song LP, which is set for release in early October. Musically, Bone Dance mines a similar terrain as bands such as Breather Resist, Unsane, as well as more contemporary bands such as Engineer and Achilles. This ten song LP is dark, nihilistic, and brutal as fuck. Overall, Bone Dance is already on the verge of something huge and unique here, which was only hinted at on their split LP with Divider and Plebeian Grandstand. Overall, Bone Dance have absolutely killed it on this album and the band delivers on every level. Bone Dance is a definite standout in a scene where bands are rehashing the same styles over and over again. This will make it on many year end best of lists for 2012.