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BLYH - transparent to the world LP

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There's a strange sense of dislocation that possesses a reviewer when the opportunity to comment on something really stunning and relatively unknown emerges. Strange in the sense that the music that I am reviewing has seemingly reached almost no one...yet, just in the sense that such a deeply raw and moving piece of metal has come from seemingly no where. blyh, a two piece black metal outfit from Germany, have created a very rare thing: a wake up call. Not anticipated, not predicted, not predicated on past accomplishments. This is what Jung intended when he invoked the concept of syzygy; the archetypal knowing that there are alignments in all things, and that the stars bring forth the strangest of conjunctions. 

This is a ferociously competent debut album. While being at once raw and relentless, it has a deep anchor in the tropes of melodic black metal and is as deep in hypnotic ambience as it is in unremitting ferocity. The compositions here deftly pull in gaze and atmospheric elements without sacrificing the primality of black metal or losing the plot to wandering ambience. Short, to the point, but excelling in both subtlety and savagery, blyh is a band to watch out for. (the sludgelord)


clear vinyl, limited to 250 copies