A Colourful Storm

BLUEBOY - Singles 1991-1998 DLP

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2LP Gatefold sleeve, Artwork Insert, Postcard.

A Colourful Storm presents Blueboy’s singles collection and the band’s final retrospective release. Beautiful gatefold sleeve designed by Sarah Records’ own Matt Haynes with original artwork insert, postcard and liner notes by Paul Stewart.

"One Sunday afternoon in 1990, I had a phone call from Keith saying that Sarah Records had received the demo cassette the two of us had recorded on a 4-track in a friend’s shed and were interested in putting out two of the songs as a single. They were Clearer and Alison.

Delighted by this news, we booked some recording time with a studio we’d regularly used in our previous incarnation as Feverfew, the White House in Weston-super-Mare. This was the first time we’d ever played a note of music that was using someone else’s money, so the pressure was being felt. We recorded Clearer, Fearon and Chelsea Guitar, with Clearer becoming Sarah 55, the first of eight singles for the band across two labels.

At that time, we were still toying with a name for ourselves and had settled with the Art Bunnies. While driving us back home from Weston, though, I declared that I really couldn’t see how people would take us seriously with a name like that. Disappointed, Keith (Girdler) then got out a piece of paper upon which he’d written several other contenders. These included Opal Trumpet, the Smiling Monarchs and (thankfully) Blueboy."