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BLONDES - Wine / Water 12"

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BLONDES complete their 2011 12-inch trilogy with Wine / Water. Having spent the year road-testing the material of the Lover / Hater and Business / Pleasure 12-inches, Wine / Water is a mature gesture balancing the respective mind and soul of its predecessors. "Wine" occupies the a-side with sentimental subs, synth sweeps, and a melancholy vocal phrase atop a pulsating kick. The opening bass line of "Water" sets a definitive melodic mood over which aquatic textures wash in and out and inevitably set sail on staccato squelches. There could be no other logical or illogical conclusion to the 12" trilogy than this. If you haven't heard in its entirety, you might not know. Mastered by JOE LAMBERT at Joe Lambert Mastering. Artwork by Will Work For Good. Limited edition.