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BLONDE REDHEAD - Misery Is A Butterfly LP

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A pair of Italian twins meet a Japanese woman in New York and form a band. What sounds like a script for a reversal of Sofia Coppola's film "Lost in Translation" is the story of Blonde Redhead. Originally founded as a quartet in the 1990s, their first works were appropriately released on Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley's label Smells Like Records, and a little later the hip talent factory Touch&Go became aware of the band, which had shrunk to a trio. And now 4AD is preparing to make the former US indie insider tip attractive to good old Europe. Not only is the label new, the distortions and feedback orgies also had to be abdicated in favor of an ethereal sound that gives plenty of space for the finely woven melodies. Fans of the band will not be able to hide their amazement at the broadening of the musical spectrum when they first hear it, but they will definitely take the album to their hearts in no time. Spex is also full of praise: "Misery Is A Butterfly only makes it difficult when it comes to naming your favorite songs - everything is too tightly woven together, the pieces too good to single out a single one."