BLISSED OUT FATALISTS - Blissed Out Fatalists LP

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The Blissed Out Fatalists was a band formed in Los Angeles by Nic Greene and Jeff Poe in the aftermath of 1980s noise band The Blue Daisies. Having spent some months together as house painters, they passed the time throwing ideas of the ultimate band back and forth, and began to conceptualize the project before a note was struck. BOF was born out of a mutual admiration for the Butthole Surfers' Rembrandt Pussyhorse, Elmore James, and Jesus And Mary Chain, aiming to find a psychic sweet spot between heroic duos Suicide and Guitar Slim & Jelly Belly. Fourwaycross frontman Biff Sanders came on board to produce the album whilst later adding some humanity to the drums. Jon Lyon was enlisted on account of his supreme guitar noodling ability and access to stimulants, most ably represented on The Leather Nun cover "Can You Feel It". Recording at Biff's studios above the Danceland at Pico and Figueroa, BOF was able to enhance its sound adding layers of harmony and noise.