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Tennessee's Black Tar Prophet is coming off its successful full length, Deafen, and Pennsylvania's Iron Gavel has been slowly fine-tuning its heavy, destructive noise. Perfect timing for a new split LP. Instrumental sludge duo Black Tar Prophet pushes low end frequencies to the limit with heavy noise champions Iron Gavel maintaining the balance. 

"Black Tar Prophet should come with a warning label, because this band is pure sludge-ridden sonic vomit, and it is highly addictive!" - CVLT Nation

Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Black Tar Prophet, an instrumental/sludge band that pushes low end frequencies to the limit, was founded by Greg Swinehart in 2011. The band self-released its debut album, Note To Nod, in mid-2012, and ended the year by collaborating with Atlanta's Crawl for a split. In 2013, while continuing to tour, Black Tar Prophet signed with Domestic Genocide Records to release its second LP, Deafen, in 2014. The band's most recent work can be seen in the four tracks contributed to its split with Iron Gavel.