BITS OF SHIT - Cut Sleeves LP

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Forget the pedigree, histories and self-mythology around the Bits of Shit Music Club – or BOSMC, as they prefer to be known – with the patches and list of club rules and all. That stuff is of passing interest, but none of it is as important as what is (preferably) booming loudly through your speakers here. I spent a few Saturday afternoons last July transfixed by these guys during their Tote residency. There were five Saturdays in the month and I saw four of the shows.
Forget any ideas of coolness or irony: this is not being played tongue-in-cheek. This debut album does a great job of capturing their dizzying propulsive energy. It tickles similar hard-rock brain receptors as, say, The Dacios’ Monkey's Blood or Deaf Wish’s Reality & Visions did in the recent past.

Debut album containing 13 tracks, limited to 500 copies. Comes with download code, insert with lyrics and striking Rona Green cover art.