BIRTHDAY SUITS - Europe Tour 7"

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Fresh out of the grinder comes the distorted and stirring sound of this unhinged Minneapolis duo shredding a good slab of sappy Lo-Fi TEENGENERATE Punkrock with a heavy pound of dodgy SHELLAC noise to a half and half mash of madness and passion with enough catchyness and Albini-treated guitars that may cause epilepsy and the munchies.
You already heard them on the split 7" with MARKED MEN and now you can see Matthew and Hideo (formerly chopping the meat in SWEET J.A.P.) on European stages everywhere. To celebrate this feast, here's ''Kids Fire - Run Fire'' and ''Flower'' as a delicious European-Tour 7'' best to be enjoyed with some smoky sauce and a sixer of beer and the lovely suit you wore on the day of your birth.