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BIRTHDAY PARTY - junkyard LP + 7" + CD

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4AD are re-issuing JunkYard as a special 180gm vinyl edition on 27th August. Apart from the 12” LP, the package also contains a bonus 7” of the single 'Release The Bats' and 'Blast Off'. Additionally, the reissues includes a CD of all 12 tracks, enabling fans to access the music digitally. The album has been mastered from the Henry Rollins 2000 re-master, previously unavailable in Europe (see Mick Harvey’s comments below), while the single is a new 2012 master, taken from the original studio analogue tapes.

“With the passing of 30 years, Junkyard still sounds as if it’s waiting for rock music to catch up with it. Throwing down a taunting gauntlet to subsequent generations of musicians, this feral collection of songs simultaneously closes a door on something that can’t be repeated or improved upon. The distance of time has failed to reduce its sonic power and revisiting Junkyard three decades after its birth is to rediscover an album more melodic if no less manic as was initially perceived.” - Julian Marszalek, The Quietus - 30 April 2012