BIRD NAMES - Sing The Browns TAPE

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THICK album recorded to fat tape in Chicago and then dropped like a bomb to chrome tape. Super-limited edition of 100 chrome tapes to accompany the Upset the Rhythm LP/CD coming out soon with different artwork. The most fully-realized and psychedelic that I have ever heard these pop mavens, a sonic Ladyfinger cookie dipped in numerous dressings and then brandished on a busy street. Highly, highly recommended."

"It must be hard to throw billions of ZANY IDEAS into actual songs that are good but Bird Names have gotten pretty good at this by the sounds of their new Sings The Browns LP, it's totally frivolous with a vaguely gentrified calamity, real mad dinner party sort of stuff though there's some weird mountain/tower mystique in there too, but maybe that's because sometimes they sound like a split between Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy and Ariel Pink (particularly “Days Elevated” from the new album) but mostly they prefer to get lost in their own type of jumble, built with super naff jangles (in a good way) and baffled young joy beaming out everywhere."
-- Rose Quartz