BIG WAVE - The Roots Of Love (Come Tumbling Down) TAPE

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big wave are a 5 piece lo-fi guitar pop band from torquay made up of old friends ella (vocals/guitar), rikki (guitar), matt (drums), pete (bass) and mel (keys).
the group bonded in the local haunts of torquay over a shared interest in pop music, alcohol and terrible dancing. having previously been in other bands together rikki, ella and pete added matt and mel to the line up and big wave was born. in true sitcom style the band all live together. to the bemusement of their landlord and neighbours, this has resulted in the inevitable regular living room rehearsals.
the band has previously self released their own another year or two ep to accompany the release of the band shot their own beautifully, charming diy video to the lead track which perfectly encapsulates big waves dreamy, seaside pop sound.