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BERT JANSCH - it don't bother me LP

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'It Don't Bother Me' is the second album by Bert Jansch, released in December 1965. The album was produced by Nathan Joseph and Bill Leader, although Leader was left uncredited This, Jansch's second album, followed the landmark first's release by less than a year, still in 1965. It pretty much represents a continuation of the first, though here he plays a couple of works with John Renbourn on second guitar (the exotic North African-sounding vocal piece 'My Lover,' and the incredible instrumental 'Lucky Thirteen'), and the traditional piece '900 Miles,' on which he shows that he can play the banjo as well as the guitar. Other high points include the interesting solo instrumental 'The Wheel,' the chilling commentary title cut, and the more lighthearted 'As the Day Grows Longer Now.' This superb edition is the second in a series of all seven of Bert Jansch's Transatlantic Records recordings, all of which have been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time ever.