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Beaters, formed by singer-guitarist Jeremy Riojas and drummer Andrew Montoya, is mutant-noir-punk emerging from the borderlands of California. Beaters grew up in a cult, did time in jail, went AWOL from military duties, played in The Sess and frequents Ale Mania. Beaters fights the sugar-coated analgesic of urban-outfitted surf-nostalgia with distrust, paranoia, and darkness to remind us of the chem-trails in the sky…still all the while enjoying fish tacos and freshly trafficked pharmaceuticals from across the border. Beaters have a cult following in Italian discotecas where a semi-religious type dance has emerged whenever their song “Fishage” is played. The crowd dances while their hands raise and lower in the air and shake vehemently to ‘Ahhh, Ahhhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhh’. Watch for their LP release on Volar Records and catch them live on their U.S. tour with Obits in August of 2011.

Prize Pets, comprised of George Habaris (Vocals), Daniel Chillingworth (Guitars), James Smith (Guitars) and Joe Coope (drums), formed in May 2009 and have since been compared to everything from The Flippers and The Cramps to the B52’s. George alone has been called a ‘demented Ian Curtis’, but then he has also been compared to Brian Ferry, so make of that what you will. To get too wrapped up in comparisons is to ignore what a surprising and exciting proposition Prize Pets are. The first two tracks from their side of the split demonstrate what the band do so well; restless interlocking and melodic guitars, urgent vocals and contrary, unpredictable lyrics. ‘It takes time to figure out exactly what you want to be/ Don’t be scared to change your mind and don’t expect to get it right the first time’ sings George on ‘It Takes Time’, displaying a wisdom that belies his youth, whilst conversely displaying a wreckless romantic streak by the second track; ‘I’ll quit my job for you, and you can quit yours too’, he implores on ‘Sun Sick.’