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Paris' Beat Mark is one of those bands that can take some familiar styles, put their own distinctive stamp on them, and package them in a final product that is well worth spending time with. Their latest effort, out in mid February, is a five song cassette (with digital download) entitled Move On. It is available on February 15 from Soft Power Records, but we're giving you advance warning because Soft Power releases have been known to sell out in the pre-order stage.

On Move On the band reveals an impressive breadth. The opener, "Between My Teeth", is predominately shoegaze, but includes a delightful dose of dirty guitar. "Boxes" is a jangly, C86 guitar pop tune with male/female vocals, and currently is my favorite track on the EP. "Decolorize" is a blast of grungy alt rock, but the female vocals add a sweet French twist. The title track is a wonderful, immediate noise pop song with ringing guitars and a driving rhythm section. And the EP ends with "The Way" -- a building mix of C86 and shoegaze with a retro, almost '60-ish pop vocals.