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BEAT MARK - Howls of Joy LP

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Beat Mark (Featuring members or ex-members of Yussuf Jerusalem and Adam Kesher), wrote their first songs in summer 2009 amidst the suffocating heat of a deserted, apathetic Paris. In those days, the songs spoke of falling trees and blissful screams and thus naturally found their way to Southern California thanks to Burger Records, which released a seven-track cassette across the pond.
In March 2011, Paris-based label Final Taxi Records released the band's first LP, "Howls of Joy", 13 tracks of rhythmic and melodic noisy pop which critics responded to enthusiastically (see a couple of them in attachment)

Having grown up feeding on the American independent rock scene of the 90's, suckling on Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Fugazi, the band also confess a taste for UK 80's bands such as The Smiths, The Vaselines, Television Personalities, and Jesus and Mary Chain.

In live performance, Chloé, Gaëtan, Julien and Karin generate intense volume, colliding bright summery songs with darker chaotic ones, all of them managing to remain endearing and romantic. Beat Mark have played with, among others, the Strange Boys, Real Estate, Feeling of Love, Air Waves, Crystal Stilts, Twilight Singers, Turzi, and King Khan & BBQ.

People describe Beat Mark's music by alluding to the Pastels, Crystal Stilts or Veronica Falls, some even go back to My Bloody Valentine. As for the band themselves, the four share a devoted passion for the movies of Peckinpah, Afro-Americans, and the various low-life routines of tormented anti-heroes.