BEACHNIKS - in color LP

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THE BEACHNIKS are back with the follow up to their Funky Head EP (Captured Tracks, 2009). This long-awaited collection of twelve revitalizing songs is now available on LP and comes in a deluxe fully color-coded package. This group of sisters, brothers, roommates and friends put the pressure on: pumping the drums, unlearning the bass, whirling the guitar, whacking the xylophone, warbling the organ, and crying out "ooh"s and "aah"s. Their songs describe—in noise and words—dreams, fun days, affairs in espionage, hypnotic paintings, stolen hearts, and more. What listeners call "a wave of fresh rhythm" is the unignorable sound of the Beachniks. Recorded by GARY OLSON at Marlborough Farms, the band's self-released debut LP In Color features beautifully hand-painted sleeve and labels, a full-color song chart, digital download coupon and more. The Beachniks include members of CRYSTAL STILTS, GERMAN MEASLES and others.