Wild Honey

BEACH PATROL - Riding Dinosaurs LP

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The band's second album now on vinyl on Wild Honey Records from Italy! Awesome Power Pop from Green Bay.

Beach Patrol is one of those bands that doesn't come along very often. Talented well beyond their years, this young Green Bay trio may just be one of the best underground rock 'n' roll bands kickin' around right now that no one knows about... yet. The songs on their second album, recall the best moments of the Modern Lovers, (Taang-era) Lemonheads, Elvis Costello, the Smithereens and the Figgs. The album consists of 11 power pop rock 'n' roll songs with catchy choruses and hooks you'll be humming long after the record's over. Fans of the Ergs, Lemuria and J Chuch will dig. LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!