BATILLUS - Concrete Sustain LP

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“BATILLUS carry through some noisy sensibility, with frontman Fade Kainer’s harsh vocals, manipulated to a point where they could have been confused as something inhuman and otherworldly. The band’s industrial sensibility lent an edge to their doom-influence dirges and, while slower than most other bands BATILLUS is goddamn"

“Lurching entreaties to rage and windswept howls of purging catharsis are two of the many pleasures offered up by Brooklyn bootstrappers Batillus.” — Metal Injection

“The songs are apocalyptic, steeped in the kind of thick-blooded ugliness that will have any halfway-self-respecting doomhauler racing to find this slab on the heaviest piece of soul-blackening/none-more black vinyl they can find.” — Hellbound 

recorded by sanford parker again