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BARREN HARVEST - Subtle Cruelties LP

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Barren Harvest is a somber, ethereal collaboration between Lenny Smith (Atriarch/Profound Lore Records) and Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros/Profound Lore Records). The music composed by these two creative veterans is cold and bright, pierced by measured silence and whispering tones, swells of synth and haunting autoharp accents.

'Subtle Cruelties' is a deep, affecting album, and takes its inspiration from the great poets of the past. The album is shot through with portions of a Tennyson poem called "In Memoriam," a meditation on loss and the death of love, and as for the album's title itself, the roots run even deeper. "The idea to release an album called Subtle Cruelties came from a lyrical line from the first song we wrote together, “The Bleeding”, which was inspired by a poem called “The Silent Articulation of a face” by Rumi," Way explains.