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BARREN GIRLS - Hell Hymns 7"

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Formed in December of 2011, BARREN GIRLS hail from the tight-knit Raleigh, NC, punk scene. Hell Hymns is a collection of four succinct songs that tackle paranoia, heartbreak and other personal issues through the lens of gritty, rowdy garage rock. CARLA WOLFF (vocals, guitar) wanted to start an all-girl punk group, so she connected with former bandmate ASH VAN EIJK (drums) and friend JENNY WILLIAMS (keyboards), who had never taken up an instrument before. They played together as a trio for three months until FRAN ARAYA joined on bass to complete the line-up. A scorching performance at the Hopscotch Festival in September brought them to the attention of Merge, and with a 4-track and their friend WILLAIM G. EVANS of Aleph Audio, the girls recorded this four-song EP in their cotton mill practice space. “She-Devil” is the longest song they play at almost three minutes, while “Alter Ego,” “Deal With the Devil” and “How Could You” represent the faster raw punk energy people have come to expect from their live performances