BARONIC WALL - The Golden Sword / In Granite Parlor C45 TAPE

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Baronic Wall is former Iowa City resident Jack Gilbert who recently moved back to his home turf in the Welsh countryside. This cassette is a re-release of the ultra limited self released “Golden Sword” cassette and the Agents of Chaos issued “In Granite Parlor”. After a series of destructive freak out prone live shows Baronic Wall was put to tape with help from Jeff Witscher and what found its way onto those tapes is a fucking weird stew of sci fi synth punk and sordid artistry. Dry as hell poetically fucked British ranting over torched keyboard sludge, the mannerism of this music are obessesion with detritus. There is a Lambkin/ vintage Fazzini vibe here, and the far out heights of this spaceship see no bounds. Art by SDReed.