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BANG! BROS - 12/12/12 LP

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“MARK JOHNSON & ADAM FOAM (WHITEHAUS, HUNNIE BUNNIES, PEACE LOVING) invent a sorely-needed new free jazz instrument: the drum machine. Instead of stuffing their mouths with too many horns, they use their faces & fingers to punch on too many electronic buttons like Cecil Taylor with his fingers in a wall socket. Pauses, whirs, percussion avalanches & whizbang punch lines with real punch in them. Documentation of their ridiculous attempt to tour 12 cities in 12 hours on 12-12-2012, using battery powered little amplifiers. I myself went to the show in Cambridge, which took place at 9am on the lawn in front of City Hall, and was attended by 4 or 5 freezing passersby, a wedding party, a reporter from the local paper, & a policeman who was distracted from looking for traffic violations. Both gents have since moved away, to Philly & Western Mass respectively, but the band was damned beautiful while it lasted."—Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records; Edition of 300 copies.