BAIT - sunburst LP

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When you combine black metal and hardcore, you get something that is entirely nihilistic and utterly destructive, and Bait delivers both nihilism and destruction in droves. Sunburst is a brooding darkened piece of work that shreds souls and shatters your reality. While the five songs that are in this release are blistering and can tear the skin straight off of your face, Bait does a great job of showing the slower and ultimately heavier side of hardcore as well. Each song here carries a massive weight, and Bait isn’t afraid to sling that weight around and put your life in danger.

After just a few minutes of listening, you realize that you entered into a pit of pure chaos and blasphemy. Sunburst is bleak and dismal and isn’t shy about submerging you in potent darkness and blistering evil. This release is abrasive from beginning to end and not even for a second do you get a break or get a chance to crawl out of the murky darkness from which Bait plunged you into.

Sunburst is both a slow and quick dirge toward your demise. Discordant everything funnels out of your speakers only to shred your flesh from your bones and to pierce your ear drums. Bait does a great job of mixing both the quicker hardcore tempos with the heavier, gloomier and ultimately slower tempos. Changing pace and sound frequently gives the listener more variety and more to listen to and for during the album.

With their being only five songs on the release, each song is relatively long in length with the longest coming in at over eight minutes. Without there being twenty two minute songs, Bait provides you with five quality songs that are skull crushingly heavy and utterly harmful. Sunburst runs together very well, and instead of each song sounding like they have nothing to do with each other, each song is cohesive and runs well with the rest.

Through the five songs, you get discordant and poisonous riffs, neck breaking bass lines, rib shattering drumming and vocals that are strained and throat ripping. Bait throws everything including the kitchen sink at you to create something that is wholly blood boiling and skin searing. There aren’t too many sounds out there that are this abrasive and yet this listenable. Even though Sunburst does its best to tear your inner ear apart, you don’t want to stop listening.

Bait takes chaos and controls it to create what you see before you. Sunburst is bleak and dismal and provides you with an interesting and numbing listen. This is a great album that you have to let sink in a little, and when you do it should be on repeat for quite some time.