square of opposition


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this is the second outing for Pittsburgh-based crusties Auryn. this time they saddle up along side Seattle’s Filth Mattress. Auryn delivers another solid slice of epic crust hardcore while Filth Mattress brings a noisy falling-apart-at-the-seams style of thrashing punk. both bands will be spending about a month together touring the west coast this summer. 501 pressed, hand screened covers.

Five short paragraphs, the second of which starts with “Prepare thy spirit, the hour’s at hand.” LARPers of the world, unite and take over! Filth Mattress aren’t quite as barbaric, but I’m sure they’ll be domesticating wild hogs in the mountains with Auryn soon enough. Musically, Auryn are like a high school musical Tragedy medley, while Filth Mattress perform the requisite crust-metal to the point where the hair on my head started to form a single dread as I listened. I work in an office, I’m surprised this record didn’t catch fire as I held it.