AUGHRA - same 7" (clear)

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Habidabad Vol. 1" 7" - MAGIC BULLET records - Aughra is the experimental/electronic project of Brent Eyestone, guitarist/singer for the band Forensics and owner of Magic Bullet Records. The project was born out of Eyestone's personal desire and curiosity to experiment with new musical sounds and technologies as a means to challenge both himself and the supporters of his previous musical endeavors. "Habidibad Vol. 1" is the first piece of formal documentation surrounding the ouput for Aughra. Issued on 7" format by New York's UndeRadar Records, the record is a study in both density and minimalism. Composed in the summer of 2004 while on the road with Forensics, Eyestone created Vol. 1 entirely on his laptop computer. Side A ("Gordob") attempts to push the density and layering properties of the technology, resulting in what can only be described as an up-tempo noise track. Side B ("Cholub" and "Fostep") brings the tempo almost to a halt, as minimalistic melody and arrangement are pushed to the forefront.