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ATRAMENT - eternal downfall LP

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Broken Limbs is proud to release the debut record from Oakland, California dbeat act ATRAMENT. Atrament is this generation's answer to the classic and unforgiving Swedish and British style dbeat crust, Norwegian black metal, and '90s Gothenburg death metal. Conceptually Atrament's music is built upon a nightmarish landscape of hallucinating ruin, a wretched sonic world in which humanity is rejected as a whole and a tomb of ash and radioactive fallout is summoned to encase it and devour it forever. While remaining true to the roots of UK anarchopunk and '90s Scandinavian-branded black and death metal, Atrament's punishing, grim and embittered songs blend dbeat crust, black metal and death metal with seamless ferocity. Birthed in the gutters of West Oakland in the fall of 2014, Atrament features current and former members of MORAL VOID, BLACK SEPTEMBER, NECROT, and ABSTRACTER.