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ATOMÇK - Towering Failures LP

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Atomçk are UK grindcore veterans, enmeshed in the scene, abrasive and obtuse. Their stubborn persistence in this most unnerving of styles is founded on snare hit hard, guitars played too loud and vocal cords thoroughly abused.
They hail from the olde wyldes of the West, with an eye firmly fixed on the menace of (the) Capital.
Now with The Afternoon Gentlemen's Barthur on bass.

"Newly expanded to a quartet... Towering Failures is undoubtedly the band’s heaviest and most sonically flattening release to date, boasting a gigantic tone that sounds downright apocalyptic on slower numbers... For the most part though, this album races past at lightspeed, but manages to convey a host of different moods and textures in amongst its frantic delivery... Atomçk have been getting better and better with each subsequent album, but this is surely their most powerful and definitive record to date, and one of the most inventive and memorable grindcore records of the year thus far." -The Quietus