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ASTUTE PALATE - Astute Palate LP

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In year 2012 i've toured with band called Purling Hiss. These guy were my entry gate to the current rock sound of Philadelphia. I was aware of sounds fostered by philly's respected Siltbreeze label or bands like Strapping Fieldhands, but it was refreshing to find out that weird rock guitar mania is not thing of the past, but its brewing heavily in the streets of Philadelphia. I was soon to find out, that people in philly love guitar and shredding them to the top most levels almost as much as they like their beers and hoggies. Through Purling Hiss i went down the rabbit hole and once i reached roster of Richie Records i knew i'm in the right spot. Purling Hiss has released many of their offerings via Richie Records, so did bands like Spacin', Aye Aye, Mordecai, Birds of Maya, Axis:Sova, Writhing Squares or David Nance. Richie Records is perfect home for special sort of diy / garage / true believer rock and if you live in this mind set, you will feel just perfectly comfortable browsing through their discography and discovering the local scene at its massive size.

Here we have Astute Palate, band thats coming out of the strong background of aforementioned Richie Records / Philly scene and in these circuits it is certainly something like a supergroup. As it unites two top notch shredders Emily Robb (with very recent and killer solo album “How to Moon Walk” on Petty Bunco, follow up label to Richie Records) and David Nance together with Richie Charles (yes, of Richie Records) and Daniel Provenzano (from killer space rock Writhing Squares and with tour credit with Purling Hiss). And it sounds exactly as one could hope for: euphoric songs wrapped with superb mid tempo beat and desert riff bonanza, well buttered with spacy and timeless aura, yet ready to offer some hard shakes such as track Loose Wings, which will kick you off from your comfy couch and will have you headbanging in front of your stereo in no time.

Astute Palate was originally released on Petty Bunco in 2011, now repressed on Stoned to Death with slightly revisited artwork by Risko Print and Peter Kočiš. Released on vinyl in edition of 350 copies.