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It has a cosmic vibe that reminds me of cataclysms happening in deep space. And for me personally I can't fly into space and see those things for myself and I have too much going on in my life to be able to sit in a dark room on acid all the time so listening to music like this in a sort of meditative mood really gets me into that cosmic space that I like. The name astral blood definitely fits cause the music sounds like an out of body experience...all sorts of massive energies rushing around you with your bodiless awareness floating naked in the middle of the tempest 

“The black metal feel, the atmospheric presence, the 
powerful vocals and that overall feeling that you are 
listening to something special, something unique. 
Astral Blood provides us with a taste of what they can 
do and fans such as myself are wanting MORE.” 
-Headbang or GTFO 

“Astral Blood, who obviously know their way around 
the horrid and blackest depths of black metal, seem 
to pull the entire genre out of the muck by the teeth.” 

“A very dark, atmospheric, raw and melodic black 
metal sound” 
-Occult Black Metal Zine