ARTHUR - #34 | April 2013 MAG

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"After 20-plus years navigating strange, inspiring trips across myriad underground psychedelic terrains with a host of fellow free folk, righteous musician/head Matt Valentine (MV&EE, Tower Recordings, etc) finally spills all possible beans in an unprecedented, career-summarizing, ridiculously footnoted interview by Byron Coley. You also get deep archival photo and a wander through some important MV listening experiences with your guide Dan Ireton, under a gorgeous cover painting of MV & EE at peace in the cosmic wild by Arik Roper. Delicious! Also in this issue: LA Record's Chris Ziegler encounters young Southern California psych-rock band Feeding People, fronted by the bewitching Jessie Jones; Stewart Voegtlin on what (or: who) made Melvins' 1992 beercrusher Lysol the most unlikely religious record ever built, with art by Stewart's Chips N Beer mag compatriot Beaver; Christian Ratsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling lay down a rap about this planet's aromatic aphrodisiacs, with art by Kira Mardives; a lengthy interview with the remarkable esoteric cartographer David Chaim Smith by Jay Babcock, with massive artworks from his forthcoming Fulgur book, Blazing Dew of Stars; Gabe Soria chats with author Austin Grossman about the basic weirdness of playing (and making) video games, with art by Ron Rege, Jr. Plus: page after page of all-new color comics; columns by the ever-provocative 'Weedeater' Nance Klehm and The Center for Tactial Magic; Byron Coley and Thurston Moore's essential underground review column, Bull Tongue, now expanded to two giant pages; and more stuff too hot to divulge here." Cover price: $5.00; Format: Broadsheet newspaper, 15" x 22.75", 24 pages in 3 sections.