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Emo hardcore band from London, UK.

Formed in 2015, Arkless’ first release is one with a surprisingly coherent aesthetic and sound for such a new band. In part, this can be explained by the band members’ shared history – long before Arkless formed they crossed paths frequently, playing in bands that were part of the same tight-knit DIY scene, trading ideas, influences and approaches to music alike. Equally though, the EP’s cohesive sound is no accident – a deliberate effort by the band to carve out a space that is their own from the very beginning, blending influences from 90s punk and post-punk to early science fiction literature and film, with motifs and themes than run through every aspect of their output – from music to artwork to live visuals. 

Recorded at studio and community venue JT Soar in Nottingham – an incubator of sorts for DIY punk activity in the UK, something that is immediately obvious when listening to the EP is the sense of space, both in terms of production and structure. Where past projects – the frantic, anarcho-influenced emo of What, Price Wonderland, or the spiraling post-punk of Bird Calls, were dense to the point of being almost impenetrable in places, with Arkless each instrument occupies its own space, intricate guitar lines weaving intricate patterns around bass that anchors the melody and drums which propel the songs forward.