Comfortable On A Tightrope

APOSTILLE - Wrong / The Road To War 7"

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Limited to 250, screenprinted sleeve with download code.

Comfortable On A Tightrope present the debut vinyl release from Apostille - aka Night School's Michael Kasparis' fractured pop utterances. Kaleidoscopic instrumentation and cracked synths frame two bona fide degraded pop songs centred around a lurking sense of misanthropy, albeit a misanthropy tempered with ecstatic tendencies. 'Wrong' is the mid paced groover for self-erasing western consciousness, possessing a chorus hook so insidious and fun it diverts from the content. 'The Road To War' takes a sisters of mercy in hypnagogia approach to anthems and produces a sing-a-long both unintelligible and seductively drenched in fervour and sweat.