ANTHONY BADEN SAGGERS - Sketches From A Minor Tragedy LP

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This album is dedicated to, and written for, my partner Ilayda Gonultas; without whom it would not exist.
Meeting her not only changed my life in one reality bending heartbeat, but also reignited my desire to express myself through music after not having touched the piano keys with any meaning for what seemed like an eternity.
Her beautiful, complicated and glowing spirit inspired me to create what I consider to be the most moving and honest work of my entire life, and this album holds a very special place in both of our hearts.
The sketches were originally written as gifts for Ilayda, one given every few weeks or so as I wrote them. It was only after some time that I sat back and listened to everything which I had made that I realised it would be a shame to keep such honest and (hopefully) moving music to ourselves.

When I listen to the album now, it transports me back to a time in my life which was equal parts tragedy and fairytale. A place in time I wish I could revisit, could live in again just for a day.

Thankfully, the music remains as a time capsule, a way to revisit moments past but not forgotten. 
If anything stands as a testament to the influence of this special person on my life, to the rewards of not giving in when life gets tough, and to the power of love in the face of adversity this album is it.

Rather than re-record the Sketches, I present the best of them here in their original unpolished form, as any re-recordings would be imitations of the pieces rather than the true and honest snapshots of memories which they are. 

Dedicated with love, to the Lady who made the World bend around her head, without even a word. If I could walk down that street again, I would do it everytime. 
Thank you for listening.