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ANNA FLYAWAY - Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence LP

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Before the now-defunct Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) became one of the key bands of the first wave of the emo revival, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Keith Latinen led the band Anna Flyaway, which Keith started in 2005 as a solo project and which eventually became a six-piece band. They recorded an album, but quietly broke up before releasing it, and now Keith has “retrieved the files from his ancient laptop” and he’s finally giving the LP a proper release. It’s called Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence, and it was newly mixed by Mat Halliday (Empire! Empire!, Fireworks) and mastered by Dave Downham (Beach Slang, Into It. Over It.). And if you like Empire! Empire! — or the bands that inspired them like Mineral, American Football, Knapsack, The Promise Ring, etc — you’re probably gonna like this immediately. It has that instantly satisfying sound that this style of emo always has when it’s done right.