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This massive split 7" pairs up Germany's Amber and Ohio's Locktender.  Amber is a five piece band from Marburg, Germany who formed in November of 2011. Amber cites Cult of Luna, Isis, Time To Burn, The Ocean, Amen Ra, and Neurosis as influences, which definitely shows up in the band's sound. Amber plays a blackened, metallic, emotive, and epic sounding style of music that calls to mind bands such as Titan, The Alaskan, Northless, and Lentic Waters. Locktender is a four piece band from Cleveland, Ohio who formed in May of 2011. Locktender play a thunderous, heavy, and at times glacially slow style of music that incorporates elements of post metal, screamo, and sludge within their sound.  Each band offers up one song a piece on this split 7". The end result is one massively intense listen that will not be forgotten anytime soon. (Manic Compression)