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Here is to hoping this batch of complex, Takoma school acoustic guitar picking tracks are able to turn a few heads. Alexander Moeckl, a livelong native of Augsburg/Bavaria, had one album to his name before this LP. He took up playing acoustic guitar in earnest after hearing Glenn Jones and Robbie Basho, which led to the path of various open tunings and a truckload of guitar picker records. Undaunted, Moeckl continued to play and compose, which blew his creative doors open. MEATUS instantly jumps to the head of the contemporary guitar line, sharing a open house with players like Sebastian Bischoff, Matt Sowell and Chuck Johnson. Few tracks show him as a „hot“ picker, but his main guitar style is deeply rooted in slow, less flamboyant pieces, much of them based around the expansive thinking that characterised latenight Deep Listening many moons ago. MEATUS is released as a one time edition of 120 Copies with handmade sleeves and hand drawn inserts.