ALEXANDER HACKE - Borsigwerke (The Complete Recordings Of Alexander Von Borsig) DLP

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Alexander von Borsig
lived as an only child of a divorced marriage with his mother in Berlin - Neukölln. From an early age he was fascinated by science fiction and horror films, which he was allowed to see on television and whose sounds he tried to imitate with a microphone and a cassette recorder. It was only later that he fell in love with, preferably very strange, electronic music and upon intensive begging was given a semi-modular Korg MS-20 analogue synthesizer for Christmas in 1978 and a Roland CR-78 rhythm machine for his fourteenth birthday in October of the following year. Inspired by groups like Throbbing Gristle, Suicide or Chrome, he not only began to produce his own music with these instruments, but also to invent the myth of his persona. Since his father worked as a mechanical engineer for the renowned Borsig company and provided him with advertising stickers, which Alexander used to decorate the walls of the relevant Berlin nightclubs, his pseudonym quickly established itself, which he embellished with the story of a noble child prodigy stemming from the long-lost von Borsig family.
The first collection of his compositions “Das Leben ist schön” not only appeared exclusively on the cassette label of the Berlin textile shop Eisengrau, but was also produced by Alexander in his Buckow children's room exclusively using two commercially available tape decks. Only the next cassette "Borsig Werke / Sentimentale Jugend (SJ)" was recorded on a four-track recorder in the basement of the Schöneberg Cassetten Combinat and subsequently distributed by this company.
After von Borsig joined the newly founded group Einstürzende Neubauten for a few concerts in 1980 he fell in love with Christiane F., after a performance at the Hamburger Markthalle, who was five years his senior, and with whom he moved together to Sankt Pauli the following year. The label Supermax which was based there made his first "real" studio production possible and resulted in the release of a 12 inch EP on white vinyl, which soon achieved cult status. Alexander then provided the opening act for Neubauten, which had been expanded into a quintet, at first only mixing their live performances in a radically selective way, but eventually advancing to the status of stage musician. After three years he separated years from Christiane, who had relapsed and started taking heroin again, and from then on and to this day appears in countless projects and collaborations under his real name:
Alexander Hacke.