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ALEMAYEHU ESHETE - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 2 LP

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Finally available again! Exclusive vinyl edition from the legendary "Ethiopiques" series (BUDA MUSIQUE) on HEAVENLY SWEETNESS! 180-gram vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, mastered from the original tapes.

Ten of the best songs by Ethiopian singer ALEMEYEHU ​​ESHETE from 1972 to 1977, who is one of the greatest of his time and profession. Alongside MAHMOUD AHMED and TLAHOUN GESSESSE, ALEMEYEHU ​​ESHETE was one of the outstanding voices of the golden era of Ethiopian music from the 1960s until the fall of Emperor HAILE SELLASSIE in 1974, a real star in the wildly pulsating nightlife of the capital Addis Ababa, whose style is clearly different from the otherwise well-known Afro-Soul of the time. Reissue of the LP in the original artwork.