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AL RIGGS - Oh Good It's Al Riggs LP

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al Riggs makes a lot of music. Too much.

Since 2011 they’ve been releasing albums, singles, EPs, and more at a clip some have called “irresponsible” and “oversaturating” but the true heads have called “good”.
At a certain point some songs fall by the wayside; getting dropped from albums, getting reworked, seemingly without a home.
Now al Riggs and the kind folks at Husky Pants Records have found eight lucky little guys a forever home on the purposely low-stakes OH GOOD.

OH GOOD IT’S AL RIGGS collects songs originally recorded between 2019 and 2021, intended for release on I GOT A BIG ELECTRIC FAN TO KEEP ME COOL WHILE I SLEEP or the upcoming THEMSELVES but never quite fitting. And yet oddly they seem to fit snugly together here. A combination of home recorded mini-epics mixed with sessions produced by Brad Cook (Megafaun, Hiss Golden Messenger, behind the window for many others) await the hungry listener. Wheezing mellotron, chunky banjo, vibraphone, a frankenstein-shaped vocal looper, and the humble nylon string guitar swirl around and around on Riggs’ first vinyl release, mastered by the great Patrick Klem.

We here at al Riggs LLC believe in the Sondheim golden rule “content dictates form”. Nothing could represent that more than the neat little 30 minute package that will have you too saying “Oh, good”.